Services & Pricing (USD)
Audiobook Narration

Starting from $125PFH*!

Sure, you could have any random internet person read the words you've written into an audio file for mere pennies.  Or you could have Legendary Story Teller Persephone Rose breathe life into the world and characters you've invested your heart and soul into.  This full service package includes recording, mastering, and up to 2 sets of revisions into a ready-for-retail package.

*$125 per-finished-hour rate includes a 10 year 50/50 royalty share agreement with Persephone Rose on sales of the final product.  Minimum rate to avoid royalty share is $250PFH.

Editing Services    

Starting from 10¢/word*!

Before you publish, be sure to give your book, article, email, or letter-of-resignation the shine it deserves with a little help from Legendary Story Teller Persephone Rose.  She has decades of experience, dating all the way back to late nights during middle school where she diligently checked over her peer's homework in exchange for not having to give up her lunch money.

*10¢ per-word rate is based on word count of the original file, not the word count of the final file, which could end up shorter or longer.  Rate may also vary depending on level of editing required (for example, if your project requires major tonal shifts, or adjustments between British English and American English, your rate may be higher).     

Film, Stage, Voice Acting

Flexible rates*!

Her bread and butter.  Her greatest passion.  Acting is a versatile and flexible art form that involves fluidly shifting between entirely different thinking patterns, emotional processing responses, and personalities to become the physical embodiment of a work.  Legendary Story Teller Persephone Rose's unique experiences as a non-binary trans womxn and emotional abuse survivor have given her incredible insight into the human psyche of every gender.

  *Persephone Rose is currently non-union, but also non-bullshit.

Driving & Misc Errands                         

Starting from $30/hr*!

Yep, Legendary Story Teller Persephone Rose is, like so many other artists, also an experienced ride-share driver and courier.  Sometimes you might need a familiar face, a friendly chat, and a reliability that isn't always guaranteed with the roulette-style apps.  Persephone will be happy to accompany you inside stores, bring your groceries in, pick up that pizza for you, or even come by to water your plants while you're away.  Reach out and let her know what you need!

*Currently serving the Washington DC / Metro area.  Availability may vary, especially under these uncertain COVID times.  Tolls, parking or other fees incurred during jobs may not be included in the hourly rate.  Additional fees for traveling outside usual service area may apply. 

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