Mistress Persephone Rose

Providing Trauma-Informed, Immersive Gender & Sexuality Education to Professionals in the Kink & BDSM Scene 

Persephone Rose


Mistress Persephone Rose

I am a classically trained Dominatrix, Lifestyle Switch, BDSM Crisis Actor, and Consultant with two years of experience as a 24/7 slave. As a survivor of domestic, financial, and psychological abuse, I am passionate about helping both professional and lifestyle kinksters pursue their dreams safely and ethically. My work focuses on ensuring that clients, partners, and practitioners can explore their desires without causing irreparable long-term damage.

Can't Buy Me Love Book Cover


Can't Buy Me Love

Releasing in early 2025, Persephone Rose's erotic memoir Can't Buy Me Love is an intimate and vulnerable story about transitioning, autism, kinky sex, and finding spirituality during the fall of capitalism.

Every preorder will include a digital copy of the book, a Limited Edition Persephone Rose trading card, and a personally handwritten thank you letter from the author. The release date is not yet set in stone. Keep an eye on your inbox for book launch updates!




What is Crisis Acting?

Crisis Actors work in every industry to provide realistic simulations of people in distress to help professionals respond to emergency situations. In BDSM, this might look like a submissive failing to use safe words, having an autistic meltdown, a PTSD flashback, experiencing an unexpected trigger, or having an allergic reaction. It could also look like a coercive and dangerous person pretending to be an ethical Dominant, hiding behind BDSM terminology to abuse and exploit people. If you work in (or adjacent to) the sex industry, working with an experienced Crisis Actor can prepare you for virtually any situation.

My Crisis Acting sessions are structured as scenes-within-a-scene. We begin with a consultation and meta-negotiation where we discuss your goals, concerns, and hard limits. I then prepare a unique character based on your criteria (i.e. an unruly client with PTSD, a closeted trans person, or a deceptive human trafficker). If you have specific concerns about situations I am not familiar with, I may need additional time to research and conduct interviews before our scene. The details of the scene itself are usually negotiated in character for added realism.

During our scene, we will use the special safe words: Pause, Rewind, and FastForward. Pause stops the simulation and brings the real Persephone back out. You can use Pause to get clear insight into what my character is thinking or feeling in the moment, ask me for feedback and suggestions, or end the session entirely. Rewind lets you go back to try something differently, and FastForward allows you to skip through normal parts of a scene to save time and energy (i.e. FastForward 50 crops). Other safe words, such as Mercy or Red will be treated in-character (and as such might be ignored or misinterpreted).

Practicing with submissives is an important aspect of any Dominant's training. Practice subs have varying levels of experience and motivations for doing scenes with you and can often be found for free on dating apps. Most subs, however, are not professional actors and therefor limited in terms of what kind of feedback they can offer, as well as their capacity to roleplay scenarios outside of their usual fantasies. As a method actor and experienced Switch, I can embody an incredible range of fetishists, genders, neurotypes, and a plethora of psychological conditions.

Not looking for all the drama? I also provide old fashioned, just talking, consultations for people living and working outside of the status quo. I have experience working with individuals, couples, and polycules navigating neurodivergency, gender exploration, psychological trauma, age gaps, and other cultural taboos. Maybe you're putting together your first D/s contract, need help planning a scene, are diving into pet play for the first time, or you're just trying to figure out if your kinky relationship is healthy. I can help.

Let me be your respite from this crazy world. As professionals, we put up with a lot and we don't always get the aftercare we need. Maybe you're trying to recover from an unpleasant client experience or your boss is mistreating you. Whatever it is, if you just need someone to talk to, hold you, or remind you that everything's going to be all right, I'm here. Like a professional cuddler, but spicier!

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$ 300

In person or online after Initial Consultation. Additional costs for venue and equipment rental may apply. Sliding scale available on a case-by-case basis.



$ 200

Online only, video or audio call. $4 per minute for each additional minute, if my schedule allows. Sliding scale available on a case-by-case basis. 



$ 100

In person or online. Additional costs for venue rental may apply. Sliding scale available on a case-by-case basis.



Join my Telegram group to keep in touch. There is a free Q&A section for non-urgent questions and inquiries that do not require a full session. Contact me to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a BDSM Crisis Actor?
A BDSM Crisis Actor is a professional who participates in simulated BDSM scenarios for educational, therapeutic, or training purposes. I help clients prepare for challenging situations in a safe and controlled environment.

2. What is a Lifestyle Consultant?
I provide guidance and support to people exploring or living alternative lifestyles. I prefer this term to "Life Coach'' because I think sports metaphors are weird in this context. Your life is not a game that I'm trying to win.

3. Can I hire you as a Professional Dominatrix/Submissive/Switch?
Maybe. I have a very rigorous screening process and I am extremely selective about who I offer these types of services to. If you believe you can impress me, indicate your interests, previous experience, and references from other providers when you reach out through my contact form.

4. Are your services safe and confidential?
All sessions are conducted with the utmost respect for your privacy. I adhere to the "Safe, Sane, and Consensual'' motto and I am aware of the nuance and debate around that terminology. If that is something you would like to discuss in detail, I invite you to book a consultation session around this topic. Further, all clients must pass a screening process to ensure compatibility and mutual safety.

5. Do you offer a sliding scale for your services?
Yes, accessibility and equity are personal core values. Please contact me to discuss your situation.

6. What are your pronouns and what is your gender identity?
My pronouns are She/They. Please use whichever feels least comfortable to you whenever you feel the need to refer to me with third-person pronouns. In the parlance of early-to-mid 21st century Western cultures, the closest description of my gender identity is generally "non-binary womxn.'' In session, I have the capacity to embody any gender as I have experience living as more genders than most humans can fathom.

7. Are you comfortable working with clients of all genders and sexual orientations?

8. Do you offer specific services for trans and non-binary clients?
I offer the same services to everyone. I do, however, have more fun with people who do not identify as cisgender. I am happy to help you not identify as cisgender.

9. How do you ensure a safe and respectful environment for your clients?
I prioritize clear communication, informed consent, and patience. I am committed to making sure my clients feel seen, respected, and supported wherever they are on their journey.

10. Can you help me explore my gender and sexuality through BDSM and kink?
Sure. BDSM can be a powerful tool for exploring and affirming your gender and sexuality. Check out the Gender Attitude Assessment if you'd like a rough idea of that might look like.

11. Why is it important to you to highlight your trans/queer identity in your work?
Highlighting my trans and queer identity is important because it reflects my commitment to authenticity and representation. I didn't grow up seeing or having access to people like me. I am often still met with confusion, disbelief, shock, and wildly invasive personal questions from people who don't know better because of the pervasive lack of representation with regard to diverse gender and sexual identities. I'd like to change that. I'm also multiracial, autistic, ADHD, anosmic, spiritual, and a relationship anarchist.

12. What should I do if I have questions about your gender, sexuality, nationality, race, religion, relationships, and/or political stances on various subjects?
If you have questions, please feel free to ask them respectfully. I am open to discussing serious inquires about my identities and how they inform my work, as long as they are professional and considerate. If you want to discuss any of this in detail, or you have lots of follow-up questions, please be respectful of my time and book a consultation session.

13. How do you handle misgendering or inappropriate questions during sessions?
I'll probably frown. If you have passed my screening process, such occurrences are presumably unintentional and will be handled courteously and with grace. If I instead discover that I have misjudged your character, I will end the session and refrain from any future interactions with you.

14. How do I book a session?
If you are a new client, introduce yourself to me using my contact form and include a brief overview of your interests and goals.  Note that all clients must complete a screening process before their first session.

15. What should I expect in a session?
Each session is tailored to your individual needs and interests. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your goals, boundaries, and any concerns you may have to ensure a positive and enriching experience.

16. Do you offer virtual consultations or sessions?
Yes, I offer virtual consultations and sessions for those who cannot meet in person or prefer online interactions. These can be conducted via video, voice, or text. The screening process applies to virtual sessions as well.

17. How should I prepare for my first session?
For your first session, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your goals and boundaries. Dress comfortably and be ready to communicate openly about your needs and expectations. If you have any specific requests or concerns, please let me know in advance.

18. What is your cancellation policy?
A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due at booking. In the event of a cancellation, your deposit will be forfeited. If necessary, you may reschedule your session ONCE with sufficient advanced notice.

19. Can I gift a session to someone else?
The short answer is yes, if they are an existing client or they pass my screening process. Please contact me directly to arrange something like this.

20. What if I have experienced trauma or abuse?
As a trauma-informed practitioner and a survivor of abuse myself, I understand the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment. We will work together to ensure that our time together is healing and empowering.

21. How did you become a BDSM Crisis Actor?
My career as a method actor began in childhood when I developed the skill as a coping mechanism for living with undiagnosed autism and my socially abnormal transgender tendencies. I discovered early on that my parents, teachers, and other adults were unwilling or unable to accept the truth about my experiences. Ironically, I found that the only way I could avoid being called a "liar'' was to fabricate elaborate personas based on my observations of the behaviors and (generally extrinsic) motivations of other children. This pattern persisted well into my adult life until living inauthentically began to take a serious toll on my mental health. Now, I use this skill in more artistic and intentional ways as part of my mission to make the world a safer place for everyone to live authentically.

Persephone Rose has Completed Polaris' Human Trafficking 101 Training